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A landscape pattern formed by the melting of permafrost and characterized by patterns of hummocks and water-filled depressions.
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Thermokarst dynamics in Western Siberia: insights from dendrochronological research.
The Arctic is experiencing warming at more than two times the mean global rate (IPCC, 2007), a process known as "Arctic Amplification." Increases in regional temperatures are expected to result in widespread permafrost degradation (thermokarst), especially in areas where ground temperatures are close to freezing (Jorgenson et al., 2006; Shur and Jorgenson, 2007; Grosse et al., 2011).
Unlike shallow, gradual thawing of terrestrial permafrost, the abrupt thaw beneath thermokarst lakes is irreversible this century.
Because permafrost impedes drainage and ice-rich permafrost settles upon thawing (thermokarst), accelerating degradation of the permafrost may have large consequences for northern ecosystems (Jorgenson et al.
The LOM of frozen rocks strongly depends on the type of vegetation [25] and the degree of development of thermokarst, as well as significant amounts of LOM conserved in the deep layers of permafrost, which will become available for microbial decomposition when ground temperatures rise and continuous thawing occurs [26, 27].
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The Qi Lian Mountains is the region of numerous and quite large thermokarst thaw ponds, lakes, and drained thaw-lake basins [63, 64].
Marino examines the notion of ecological vulnerability; detailed results of climate change as to weather, permafrost thaw, thermokarst ponds, freeze-up, and coastal erosion; a history of the island people and colonial development; the ultimate relocation of the entire community; and the ethics of climate change.
Methane discharge is typical of thermokarst lakes, where Alaska Blackfish are frequently found on the Chukchi Peninsula (Gudkov 1998) and in Interior Alaska (Blackett 1962).
"Spatial Analyses of Thermokarst Lakes and Basins in Yedoma Landscapes of the Lena Delta." The Cryosphere 5 (4): 849-867.
O desenvolvimento da camada ativa e processos de thermokarst nestas areas sao determinados pelas condicoes climaticas no verao e pelo gelo superficial interconectado com agua superficial e subsuperficial, sendo a evolucao do permafrost nestes setores um sensivel indicador de mudancas climaticas recentes e modificacoes do ambiente.