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n.1.(Biochem.) a proteolytic enzyme obtained from the bacterium Bacillus thermoproteolyticus, which hydrolyses the N-terminal amide bonds of hydrophobic amino acid residues in proteins. It is used in studies of protein structure. It has a molecular weight of about 37,500 and contains zinc and calcium in its active configuration.
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Bladder biopsies were cut into small pieces and incubated overnight at 4[degrees]C in solution containing 500 mg/mL thermolysin (Sigma).
104) Passage of influenza viruses in either cell cultures or chicken embryo cells in the presence of a non-trypsin-like protease with neutral cleavage site specificity, chymotrypsin, elastase or thermolysin, resulted in replacement of a basic amino acid (Arg) at the HA0 cleavage site by a neutral amino acid, such as Ile, Thr or Met, depending on the substrate specificity of those proteases.
Comparative sequence and structure analysis reveal features of cold adaptation of an enzyme in the thermolysin family.
Whey protein was digested with one of seven kinds of proteases at 37 degrees C (trypsin, proteinase K, actinase E, thermolysin, or papain) or at 25 degrees C (pepsin or chymotrypsin) for 24 h.
Thermolysin digestion was carried out with the trypsin resistant core of Cry1Aa and L371K, the procedure employed was as described (Almond and Dean, 1993).
In order to determine stability alterations in the trypsin-resistant core of L371K, it was treated with thermolysin at various temperatures and compared with the wild type toxin under the same conditions.
Comparison of dipeptidyl carboxypeptidase and endopeptidase activities in the three enkephalin-hydrolysing metallopeptidases: "angiotensin-converting enzyme," thermolysin and "enkephalinase.
They were then digested with either trypsin, thermolysin, or a combination of the two and run on 2D TLC plates.
Thermolysin activates equine lamellar hoof matrix metalloproteinases.
Thermolysin is used in the synthesis of the artificial sweetener aspartame, says Van den Burg.
Improvement of human keratinocyte isolation and culture using thermolysin.