n.1.A picture (as of a slice of wood) obtained by first wetting the object slightly with hydrochloric or dilute sulphuric acid, then taking an impression with a press, and next strongly heating this impression.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Comme exemple, nous remarquons le passage du thermotype supra-mediterraneen (1913-1938) au type meso-mediterraneen (1980-2015) au niveau des stations du versant Nord (Tlemcen-Hafir).
Tropical-desert zones with an upper-arid ombroclimate at higher elevations show the mesotropical thermotype and phytogeographically correspond to the Arizona upland subdivision of the Sonoran Desert, whose most characteristic vegetation comprises crassicaulescent desert (Shreve and Wiggins, 1964).
The relict population from sample 17 is located at 1170 m asl (supramediterranean thermotype areas), sheltered within a mountain stream and protected by a large granitic batholith which has allowed its survival at low altitude on the southern slope of the Gredos range.
For some years we have been studying the area covered by hazel tree forest formations growing on steep slopes and small shady canyons in the Middle Basin of the Guadiana River (areas with a lower mesomediterranean thermotype, from 510 to 550 m asl).
Bioclimate and Thermotype Altitude T([grados]C) ombrotype (Map 2) (m.
The Morais Massif shows an upper subhumid to lower humid ombrothermic character, with a meso--to supramediterranean thermotype range.
We know this taxon from xeric oceanic and pluviseasonal oceanic Mediterranean bioclimates, covering meso- and thermomediterranean thermotype territories with dry and semiarid ombrotype character (GIMENEZ LUQUE & GOMEZ MERCADO, 2002; SALAZAR & al., 2002; ALONSO & DE LA TORRE, 2002; RIVAS-MARTINEZ & al., 2007; SARIKA, 2012).
These sites fall within the upper thermomediterranean to lower mesomediterranean thermotype and upper dry to lower subhumid ombrotype climatic belts (RIVAS-MARTINEZ, 2005; MONTEIRO-HENRIQUES, 2010).
For every taxa the following information is accounted: Thermotype, M = mesoditerranean, S = supramediterranean, O = oromediterranean, C = cryoromediterranean; Conservation status, CR = critically endangered, EN = endangered, VU = vulnerable, NL = not list; Distribution, Ne = Nevadensian, Be = Baetican, Ib = Iberian, Ib-N = Iberian-Northern Africa, Eu = European, Eu-N = European-Northern Africa, Others = widely distributed TAXA Thermotype Acinos alpinus (L.) Moench subsp.