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A region of east-central Greece between the Pindus Mountains and the Aegean Sea. Settled before 1000 bc, it reached the height of its power in the sixth century bc but soon declined because of internal conflicts.

Thes·sa′lian (thĕ-sā′lē-ən, -sāl′yən), Thes′sa·lo′ni·an (-lō′nē-ən) adj. & n.
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(Placename) of or relating to the Greek region of Thessaly or its inhabitants
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Thessaly
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Noun1.Thessalian - a native or inhabitant of Thessaly
Hellene, Greek - a native or inhabitant of Greece
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Lehmann, remarking that the heroines are all Boeotian and Thessalian (while the heroines of the "Catalogues" belong to all parts of the Greek world), believes the author to have been either a Boeotian or Thessalian.
He is a Thessalian Alcibiades, rich and luxurious-- a spoilt child of fortune, and is described as the hereditary friend of the great king.
For men will love you in other places to which you may go, and not in Athens only; there are friends of mine in Thessaly, if you like to go to them, who will value and protect you, and no Thessalian will give you any trouble.
ANTIGONE I see a woman Riding upon a colt of Aetna's breed; She wears for headgear a Thessalian hat To shade her from the sun.
As when ALCIDES from OEALIA Crown'd With conquest, felt th' envenom'd robe, and tore Through pain up by the roots THESSALIAN Pines, And LICHAS from the top of OETA threw Into th' EUBOIC Sea.
the other is whether there is anything, if we consider either the principles upon which it is founded or the executive part of it, which prevents the form of government that they had proposed to follow from being observed; now it is allowed that in every well-regulated state the members of it should be free from servile labour; but in what manner this shall be effected is not so easy to determine; for the Penestse have very often attacked the Thessalians, and the Helots the Lacedaemonians, for they in a manner continually watch an opportunity for some misfortune befalling them.
They cover genetic relations, synchronic contacts, and convergences; Epirus and the international center of Dodona; Thessalian; Lesbian; and North Ionic and the Black Sea.
This will enable us to observe how, by borrowing from the material culture of magic, Apuleius could outshine previous literary descriptions of magical materials--especially those by Horace, Lucan, and Petronius--and enrich the profile of the terrible Thessalian witch Pamphile, who was not only an expert in love-magic but in every noxious goetic practice, as her magical paraphernalia suggests.
In Greece, evil Pelias had killed his brother Aeson, the legitimate ruler of the Thessalian kingdom of Iolcus, and usurped his throne.
He himself makes it clear when, talking to a man who alledges to be a Thessalian, he refers to Agamemnon's son as to the agent of "some alien treachery" without realizing that the "stranger" in front of him is Orestes, the very "foe to [his] house":
It is these figurae that Thessalian youths gaze upon.