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 (thĕ′sä-lô-nē′kē) also Thes·sa·lo·ni·ca (-lô-nī′kə, -lŏn′ĭ-kə) or Sa·lo·ni·ka (sə-lŏn′ĭ-kə, săl′ə-nē′kə)
A city of northeast Greece on an inlet of the Aegean Sea. Founded c. 315 bc, it flourished after c. 146 as the capital of the Roman province of Macedon. Today it is a major port and the second-largest city in Greece.
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Noun1.Thessalonica - a port city in northeastern Greece on an inlet of the Aegean SeaThessalonica - a port city in northeastern Greece on an inlet of the Aegean Sea; second largest city of Greece
Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil
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(9) Archbishop of Thessalonica 1175-1192 (?) A.D., author of commentaries on Pindar and on the "Iliad" and "Odyssey".
Abdel Aziz has been invited to represent Egypt in the second festival of Women Creators of the Two Seas; Mediterranean and Black Sea, which was held in Thessalonica. She was the solo percussionist of the Cairo Opera Orchestra for many years.
The ruler had ordered the massacre of Thessalonica and declared that the bishop was his subject like any other citizen but the clergyman insisted he was a subject of only Jesus Christ.
The Greek FUAs included in the analysis are: the Large metropolitan area of Athens, the Metropolitan area of Thessalonica, the Medium-sized urban area of Patra, and the Small urban areas of Irakleio, Larisa, Volos, Ioannina, Kavala, and Kalamata (Table 2).
It was his war against the empire of Thessalonica and Theodore Komnenos Doukas, in the Battle of Klokotnitsa in 1230, that enabled Ivan Asen II to add substantial territory to Bulgaria.
Today, Hasan is CEO and Alexandros CFO of Colive Oil, and the primarily e-commerce venture boasts eight members all over the world, from London to New York to Thessalonica. But while each is crucial to the project, it's Hasan's vision for 'Taste Without Limits' that clearly drives this innovative venture…
Paul wanted to visit the church in Thessalonica and encourage them in the joy of the gospel.
[Ironically, the demise of the Ottoman regime can partly be blamed on the Jewish enclave in Salonika (now Thessalonica or Thessaloniki in Greece) - home of the Donme [26] and the birthplace of the (Jacobin) Young Turk movement.] [27]
What makes Paul start writing, and why to the folks in Thessalonica (modern-day Saloniki) first?
Most of Paul's converts in Antioch, Iconium, Phillipi, Thessalonica, Corinth etc were not proselytes, but "those who fear God".