Theta function

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(Math.) one of a group of functions used in developing the properties of elliptic functions.

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One of the first commercially available 360 cameras happened to be the Ricoh Theta series, and while it is a novel first attempt, it leaves out much to be ironed out.
Brandt Matrices and Theta Series Over Global Function Fields
Given an arbitrary function together with a fixed place, then construct a family of theta series from the norm forms of "definite" quaternion algebras, and establish an explicit Heck-module homomorphism from the Picard group of an associated definite Shimura curve to a space of Drinfeld-type automorphic forms.
However, Sloane and Teo in [21] reported a magnificent but complicated mathematical formulation for theta series and magic numbers in closed packed clusters (see also Appendix A) which yet few applications are known in which; one exactly can use this information in materials science researches.
Application of Theta Series for Calculating Number of Neighboring Atoms and Their Relative Distance from a Central Atom in a Close Pack Structure
Eleven chapters cover linear transformations, groups of linear transformations, Fuchsian groups, the Poincare theta series, the elementary groups, the elliptic modular functions, conformal mapping, uniformization and elementary and Fuchsian functions, uniformization and groups of Schottky type, and differential equations.
[Mathematical Expression Omitted] is linearly spanned by theta series attached to quadratic forms in the genus of a specific totally positive definite quadratic form Q.
The problem of linearly representing modular forms by theta series is the essential part of the famous Basis Problem.
has launched the Theta S, the newest model in the Ricoh Theta series of spherical cameras which capture 360 degree scenes.