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a.1.Of or pertaining to Thibet.
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He was indeed an outlander, but yet a Thibetan in language, habit and attire.
No pure Thibetan would have understood the meaning of the gesture.
The door was thrown open and I entered the smoky interior of a Thibetan hut crammed with children.
The Thibetan woman, his wife, touched him on the arm gently.
And he met Thibetan herdsmen with their dogs and flocks of sheep, each sheep with a little bag of borax on his back, and wandering wood-cutters, and cloaked and blanketed Lamas from Thibet, coming into India on pilgrimage, and envoys of little solitary Hill-states, posting furiously on ring-streaked and piebald ponies, or the cavalcade of a Rajah paying a visit; or else for a long, clear day he would see nothing more than a black bear grunting and rooting below in the valley.
Attributed to a being called Phylos the Thibetan, "A Dweller on Two Planets" was 'channeled' to Frederick Spenser Oliver (1866-1899) at his Northern California home near Mount Shasta over a period of three years, beginning when he was seventeen.
His Majesty's Government, while they have formally recognized the suzerain rights of China in Thibet [Tibet], have never recognized, and are not prepared to recognize, the right of China to intervene actively in the internal administration of Thibet [Tibet], which should remain, as contemplated by the treaties, in the hands of the Thibetan [Tibetan] authorities.
Should it prove necessary to supplement the articles of the present treaty, the Mongolian and Thibetan Governments must appoint special delegates, who will conclude such agreements as the conditions of the time shall demand.
6) The same issue enthused that Lillian Garr (who had been impressed at Azusa Street that she had a call to China, while her husband professed one to India) improved daily in her miraculously given Thibetan and Chinese.
The following are the fifteen mission agencies listed: Church Missionary Society, English Baptist Mission, American Baptist Mission, Mukti Mission, Peniel Mission, Open Brethren, Salvation Army, Scandinavian Alliance, Christian and Missionary Alliance, American Presbyterian, Women's Foreign Missionary, Thibetan Mission, Poona and Indian Village Mission, Latter Rain Mission, and Industrial and Evangelical Mission.
1] [meenggubo], "a Mongol tent": probably a Thibetan or Mongolian word.