Thick stuff

(Naut.) all plank that is more than four inches thick and less than twelve.
- J. Knowles.

See also: Thick

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
I could hardly feel the incredibly thin lath of his body, lost within the thick stuff, but his growl had depth and substance: Confounded dump ship with a craven, tiptoeing crowd.
But these were still stressful times as his hack out of the thick stuff fell short and into a demonic bunker below the steeply inclined green.
Slings also have a tendency to get hung-up in the thick stuff --not a good scenario.
Jeannie, a great whitetail hunter, cordoned off the line of flight, and she and I were doing a grid search in the thick stuff. There were innumerable faint tracks on hard-baked ground, and I had just seen an odd, scrabbling track, like a deer trying for traction when Jeannie said, "Craig, here's your buck." Yep, stone dead, piled up under a prickly pear.
You might also notice that the destination is located so that a northwest or west wind (or whichever prevailing fall winds you're likely to encounter) would carry all kinds of scent his way from the food source while he stood safely in the thick stuff.
When the elk are out on the open slopes, always remember to make sure you're in thick stuff, or at least a pocket that could feasibly hide an elk.
All looked lost at Royal Birkdale after a wild tee shot into the thick stuff at the foot of a huge sand dune at the 13th.
But John Guyton, the PGA professional at Chicago Golf, doesn't expect players to spend too much time in the thick stuff because the fairways are so wide.
The standard weedguard on a Johnson Silver Minnow and most similars is straight--it runs from the hook eye to just above the point of the hook, and in fact this is a good position for it if your main concern is getting through the thick stuff. But, this position on a stiff wire weedguard seems to prevent solid hookups in some cases, and when you're fishing for that one giant bite, you don't want to miss any fish.
The 59-year-old, who's battling laryngitis this week, holed a good putt to complete a typical up and down from the thick stuff but another uncharacteristic push on 17 resulted in a bogey as he came back to the field and into a share of the lead.
As the morning progressed, they would drop down and vanish into the thick stuff, but for the moment they'd found something they liked and appeared to be feeding busily.
These baits work well when bass are spawning around brush, as you can work through the thick stuff where other anglers probably haven't fished.