Thick stuff

(Naut.) all plank that is more than four inches thick and less than twelve.
- J. Knowles.

See also: Thick

References in classic literature ?
I could hardly feel the incredibly thin lath of his body, lost within the thick stuff, but his growl had depth and substance: Confounded dump ship with a craven, tiptoeing crowd.
But by the unlucky 13th all looked lost when that wild tee shot into the thick stuff heralded scenes of utter chaos, bordering on farce.
In fact, they work best in the thick stuff, weeds where you'd normally be confined to flippin' a heavy jig.
Instead of entering the opening like I'd hoped, the absolutely miserable-looking buck slow-walked through the thick stuff.
The 59-year-old, who's battling laryngitis this week, holed a good putt to complete a typical up and down from the thick stuff but another uncharacteristic push on 17 resulted in a bogey as he came back to the field and into a share of the lead.
As the morning progressed, they would drop down and vanish into the thick stuff, but for the moment they'd found something they liked and appeared to be feeding busily.
The action was about 100 yards away, still in the thick stuff.
AH: Some hunters carry a double into thick stuff, and another rifle into open country.
When the white dwarf later blew out a fast wind, the thick stuff funneled that wind out along the poles.
That's because the action was all happening in the thick stuff instead of out on the field edge.
Caught in the thick stuff on Hole 15 twice, Woods stopped the bleeding by coming away with an impressive bogey.