Thief taker

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one whose business is to find and capture thieves and bring them to justice.
- L'Estrange.

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Chief Supt Gary Kitching, of Herts Police, said: "Tony was a very effective police officer - a great thief taker."
Gwynfor Griffiths details his 27-year detective career in Welsh-language booklet Y Daliwr Lladron - The Thief Taker to be launched at Elwy Hall in Rhyl, on September 5.
He was known as "The Thief Taker" as he shopped rival crooks to the police for a reward, including the famous Jack Shepherd, while he himself carried on stealing.
The Thief Taker by Janet Gleeson Published by Bantam Press FOR five years, chef Agnes Meadows has worked for the Blanchards, one of London's reputed family of silversmiths.
Stringing them up becomes the single-minded objective of Chance (Ken Stott), the puritanically sadistic Thief Taker General with ambitions to step into the boots of the corrupt Lord Chief Justice (Michael Gambon).
The pistol-packing pair have one major enemy, however - Gibson's second-in-command, Thief Taker General, Chance (Ken Stott), a pantomime villain who is so evil you can almost hear small children hiss and boo when he strides into view.
Ken Stott plays the role of Thief Taker General, Michael Gambon is a corrupt chief justice, while Liv plays his precocious but street-wise niece Lady Rebecca Gibson.