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Noun1.Thielavia - genus of fungi having spherical brown perithecia and some conidia borne in chains; cause root rot
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Aspergillaceae, family Aspergillaceae - family of fungi including some common molds
brown root rot fungus, Thielavia basicola - fungus causing brown root rot in plants of the pea and potato and cucumber families
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The identified endophytic fungi were Aspergillus sp., Cladosporium sp., Colletotrichum sp., Curvularia sp., Cylindrocephalum sp., Fusarium sp., Paecilomyces sp., Penicillium sp., Pestalotiopsis sp., Thielavia terricola and Mycelia sterilia were found to be associated with R.
CtCel6 shared 78% identity with Myceliophthora thermophile GH6 protein (XP_003664525), 73% identity with Thielavia terrestris GH6 protein (XP_003650908) and 72% identity with Magnaporthe oryzae exoglucanase-6A (XP_003710956).
Fomina, "Comparative investigation of the macromolecular composition of mycelia forms Thielavia terrestris by infrared spectroscopy," Vibrational Spectroscopy, vol.
[52] assayed the bioactivity of the endophytic microorganisms like Dothideomycetes sp., Alternaria tenuissima, Thielavia subthermophila, Alternaria sp., Nigrospora oryzae, Colletotrichum truncatum, and Chaetomium sp., isolated from the medicinal plant, Tylophora indica, against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Fusarium oxysporum which were found to inhibit their growth.
NG-25 Saurauia scaberrinae Central (Actinidiaceae); stem highlands of Papua New Guinea Thielavia Hypericum perforatum L Harwan.
The genus Thielavia is restricted to Pyrenomycetes characterized by non ostiolate ascomata and ascospores with a simple distinct germ pore although C.