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n.1.(Chem.) The hypothetical radical C4H3S., regarded as the essential residue of thiophene and certain of its derivatives.
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In search of other opioids with good analgesic potency and fewer incidence of side effects mainly respiratory depression, a phenyl piperidine derivative fentanyl and thienyl analogue of fentanyl-Sufentanil and many more were discovered and studied.
In comparison with the freely rotated 6-dimethylamino group of x, the planarity and the electronegative atoms of the 6-heterocycles, thiazolyl in v and thienyl in s,efficiently exclude the pairing with the natural bases, especially T or U, by the electron negative repulsion with the 4-keto group of T or U, as well as the steric clash.
16) have shown that fulgides containing heterocyclic structure such as furyl, thienyl, and pyrrolyl were excellent candidates for data storage media because of their efficient thermal stability.
20] aryl groups, thienyl, furyl, and pyridyl groups; and R may optionally have attached thereto any of the following functional groups: [C.