Things personal

(Law) Same as Personal property, under Personal.

See also: Thing

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It was really most embarrassing to a press that has always possessed a considerable turn for reticence, that wanted things personal indeed in the modern fashion.
Our newly introduced out-of-hours service, enabling members to reach a human voice through the reception phone number, is just one example of how we will keep things personal, however much the machines take over in the future.
Reportedly, a number of participants have informed the company that they intend to sell a portion of their allotted shares in order to cover among other things personal income tax triggered by the allotment.
Tip 5 Recognise when you take things personally Recognising when we make things personal ('all about me') can help reduce anger levels significantly.
We have not made things personal. Consistently, we have backed up our assertions with data and clearly stated our intentions - which are to drive long-term share price appreciation for all Hudbay shareholders.
Once the neophyte artist has practiced and gained more confidence in drawing cats, he or she might make things personal by sketching the family feline or one from the neighborhood.-P.G.
'I have no rest of mind because he gets easily provoked and takes things personal more than necessary,' she said.
WWE Championship: After Samoa Joe made things personal by visiting AJ Styles' home, WWE Champion Styles had one aim in Riyadh; to punished the Samoan Submission Machine and he did just that, retaining his title in the process.
I guess we just have to find that balance in keeping things personal and keeping things systematized.
If the President would be allowed to get away with the proclamation, the same thing could happen in the future if the next leader would make things personal, Trillanes warned.
Being a small team means we can keep things personal and we have every motivation to support people through the excitement and challenge of securing a home they love.

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