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(ˈθiŋkpad) noun
a portable computer.
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Offering additional expansion options for mobile workers, the new dock provides increased functionality, flexible expansion and cable management, and is compatible with the ThinkPad X40, ThinkPad X41 and ThinkPad X41 Tablet.
ThinkPad X40 Express models start at $1,499, ThinkPad R50e Express models start at $1,129, and ThinkPad R51 Express models start at $1,199.
IBM today unveiled its completely redesigned ultraportable notebook computer, the ThinkPad X40, setting new standards for portability, battery life, and wireless connectivity in ultraportable systems.
By incorporating the latest ThinkVantage Technologies with the light system design, the ultraportable ThinkPad X40 is ideal for the global mobile user, road warriors and business travelers.
The ease of carrying a ThinkPad X40 into meetings, Evans said, will help him transition to asking people to begin taking action while he's still in the meeting, and from doing paperwork at his desk to taking care of most duties on his notebook.