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A trademark for a LAN protocol.


(Computer Science) trademark computing a widely used type of local area network


(ˈi θərˌnɛt)
Trademark. a local-area network protocol featuring a bus topology and a 10 megabit per second data transfer rate.
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Noun1.Ethernet - a type of network technology for local area networksethernet - a type of network technology for local area networks; coaxial cable carries radio frequency signals between computers at a rate of 10 megabits per second
ethernet cable - any of several types of coaxial cable used in ethernets
LAN, local area network - a local computer network for communication between computers; especially a network connecting computers and word processors and other electronic office equipment to create a communication system between offices


[ˈiːθərnɛt] nEthernet® m
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Ironically, the same statement could be made about fiber--if not for the jump a decade ago from thinnet coax to fiber.
Integracion sencilla de 10BASE-T, ThinNet, fibra optica y cable Ethernet estandar.
The network is based on a peer-to-peer structure on a Windows 98 platform, using a Thinnet topology.
The Henry V plays are so rich in event and so thick with drums, excursions, and declamation that they leave little opportunity for reflection, while Richard II and the succeeding histories offer much thinnet plots and consequently conserve space for their major figures to discuss and display emotion (Turner 28).
Thinnet looks very much like cable television wire (It's not quite the same, though, because its ohm rating is different.
And we hadn't even seen him-- an old man, barefoot, with a fierce white bristle of mustache, in patched denim faded almost to the color of skim milk, small, thinnet even than the son, standing at the edge of the worn gallery, holding a shotgun across his middle and shaking with fury or perhaps with the palsy of age.