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 (thī′ə-kôl′, -kōl′, -kŏl′)
A trademark for any of various polysulfide polymers in the form of liquids, water dispersions, and rubbers used in seals and sealants.
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(ˈθaɪ əˌkɔl, -ˌkɒl)
Trademark. a synthetic rubber product derived from an organic halide and an alkaline polysulfide: used chiefly in making sealants, adhesives, and hoses for gasoline and oil.
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It was acceptance of this organizational norm that prevented the Thiokol engineers from continuing their protest at the critical moment of the managers' conference that resulted in Thiokol reversing its position and agreeing to let the launch proceed.
Although NASA was aware of technological problems with the O-rings, it did not extensively sanction its supplier, Morton Thiokol, since doing so would have been detrimental to the agency as it was dependent on the company.
Meadows, Inc.; Morton Int'l., Inc., Thiokol |R~ Coatings and Sealants; Permagile Industries Inc.; Polygem Inc.; Polymeric Systems, Inc.; Raven Lining Systems; Rawlplug Co., Inc.; Sika Corp.; Sonneborn Building Products, ChemRex Inc.; Specco Ind., Inc.; Superior Epoxies & Coatings, Inc.; Symons Corp.; TENNANT; Tamms Industries Co.
Thiokol Corporation of Brigham City, UT, heads off trouble with a preventive action plan.
Thiokol Corp, Brigham City, UT, is evaluating a new type of machine that fabricates complex part shapes by laying filaments of prepreg composite materials.
The boosters will be dismantled and studied in detail by contractor Morton Thiokol in Utah to confirm the reliability of the boosters' revised O-ring joints and other modifications.
But even in that case it is disturbing to find that a major NASA contractor, Morton Thiokol, disciplined engineers who gave crucial information to the investigating panel, and that the agency rushed to announce that the crew undoubtedly died instantly when considerable evidence suggested they lived for some minutes and perhaps many.
Nor is it a narrative on the grandeur of human spaceflight praiseful of the NASA, contractor Morton Thiokol, or technocracy.
ATK Thiokol Propulsion, Intermountain Healthcare and Parker Hannifin Corporation are a few businesses profiting from the education investments they've made in their employees.
That is, of course, what happened to the Challenger one cold morning after Thiokol engineers had spent the night desperately warning NASA executives that the booster's O-rings would contract from the cold, resulting in escaping gas that would cause the rocket to explode.
(4.) The DCAA found $33.5 million after questioning the costs of a cost-plus-award-fee proposal submitted by Thiokol Corp.
This is also the third restructuring of Alliant's business profile this year (see also "Alliant Techsystems to Acquire Thiokol." JED, March 2001, p.