Third sound

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(Mus.) See Third, n., 3.

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I may have stood there for a dozen minutes, listening to the loud hall clock and to the gentle dentistry of Raffles in the mouth of the safe behind me, when a third sound thrilled my every nerve.
For example, if your right ear hears a frequency at 100 Hertz (Hz) and your left ear 110 Hz, your brain creates a third sound of 10 Hz.
She added: "I then heard a third sound which I can describe as a pop.
A pair of notes whose vibrations are too different from each other--that is, the ratio of their vibrations is more complex--will create a third sound that is unpleasant, and the soul will reject it.
Paddy Power third sound investment is one of three acceptors from the Paul Nicholls stable, which has won three of the last six runnings of the race.
The second and third sound stages have already been utilised for a number of productions including Dubai TV and Studio Vision's Arabic version of The Cube, a world-famous British game show, which sees contestants completing challenges within a Perspex cube.
He wondered whether could they learn a third sound system better.
We will launch the second and third sound stages in September 2013, beginning with the shooting of a very large TV show.