third-party insurance

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Third-party insurance is the minimum necessary to drive legally on the roads because it covers any other vehicles, pedestrians or property if you crash your car.
Global Banking News-March 30, 2016--Indian insurance regulator revises third-party insurance costs
There are 16,370 drivers who have endorsements on their license for driving without third-party insurance in the B postcode area.
Cruz-Bustillo has joined Kelley Kronenberg as managing partner of its new Miami office on Brickell Avenue, which will focus on defending first- and third-party insurance claims, as well as commercial and construction litigation.
Summary: Private car owners may have to pay up to 137% higher premium for third-party insurance from the next financial year.
The modules come up with ten-year material warranty and a 25-year linear power output performance guarantee backed by a third-party insurance policy under-written by insurance companies.
ArmInfo's experts believe that the low profitability of compulsory third-party insurance in Armenia is the fault of the local
The following cases were heard at Cardiff Magistrates' Court: * Christopher Lee Cronick, 22, of Prestatyn Road, Rumney, Cardiff, was fined pounds 100 and had six points added to his driving licence after pleading guilty to driving without third-party insurance.
In effect, operating companies can now create a pre-tax, off-balance sheet reserve against losses that are not covered by third-party insurance.
When most dentists discuss changes in dental practice they tend to stress the impact of third-party insurance, new equipment, material and techniques.
The Board's General Counsel issued a July 10, 2002, opinion that opined that an FHC, under section 4(k)(4)(B) of the BHC Act, could provide as a third-party administrator certain listed services to a third-party insurance company in connection with the sale and underwriting of insurance products.
The Norwegian government has said that it put forward a proposal for temporary third-party insurance for Norwegian aircraft and airports on 28 September.