This doesn't work

This doesn't work   
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Of course, if this doesn't work, you can, as Tow puts it, "The lesson is that, like Kurasowa's wandering ronin Sanjuro, you can leave town, and it's OK to do that." Sometimes you design.
This doesn't work out very well, in fact disastrously, so the mother leaves Rose and the next oldest daughter behind and returns to Ireland to be reunited with her husband and baby.
Coventry City Council tries to negotiate weekly repayments with debtors but if this doesn't work they can take it straight from their wages or benefits.
If this doesn't work, try talking to your parents and have them help you make things work.
If this doesn't work for you, I would schedule a meeting with the kids and your school counselor.
If this doesn't work, ask the teacher if you can move to a different seat.

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