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n. Greek & Roman Mythology
The young woman of Babylon who killed herself after the suicide of her lover, Pyramus.


(Classical Myth & Legend) See Pyramus and Thisbe

Pyr′a•mus and This′be

(ˈpɪr ə məs)
two young lovers of classical legend: mistakenly believing that Thisbe is dead, Pyramus kills himself, and Thisbe, in turn, kills herself upon finding his body.
References in classic literature ?
This hole in her brother's study-door was indeed as well known to Mrs Bridget, and had been as frequently applied to by her, as the famous hole in the wall was by Thisbe of old.
In such a night Did Thisbe fearfully o'ertrip the dew; And saw the lion's shadow ere himself.
We grew up, and with our growth grew the love between us, so that the father of Luscinda felt bound for propriety's sake to refuse me admission to his house, in this perhaps imitating the parents of that Thisbe so celebrated by the poets, and this refusal but added love to love and flame to flame; for though they enforced silence upon our tongues they could not impose it upon our pens, which can make known the heart's secrets to a loved one more freely than tongues; for many a time the presence of the object of love shakes the firmest will and strikes dumb the boldest tongue.
They also held Harma, Eilesium, and Erythrae; and they had Eleon, Hyle, and Peteon; Ocalea and the strong fortress of Medeon; Copae, Eutresis, and Thisbe the haunt of doves; Coronea, and the pastures of Haliartus; Plataea and Glisas; the fortress of Thebes the less; holy Onchestus with its famous grove of Neptune; Arne rich in vineyards; Midea, sacred Nisa, and Anthedon upon the sea.
The women are abolitionist, entrepreneur, and civil rights activist Mary Ellen Peasant; Tituba, a slave accused of witchcraft; and the slave Thisbe, who led a revolt in Trinidad in 1802.
Rather than appearing at the end of the play, as it does in Shakespeare's text, the rude mechanicals' performance of Pyramus and Thisbe is combined with the rehearsal that takes place in Act 3.
Examining the mythological tradition in Rederijker drama, Peter Happe makes the first comparative study of three Renaissance dramatic renditions of Ovid's Pyramus and Thisbe: Shakespeare's Rustics'version from A Midsummer Night's Dream, the Spel van Sinnen van de Historie van Piramus and Thisbe in the Harlem Rederijkers' play Trou Moet Blijken, and Pyramus ende Thisbe by Rederijker playwright Matthijs de Castelein; Happe's straightforward and informative reading points up a marked uniformity in these various adaptations of Ovid's tale.
Thisbe wants to share her writing with someone--but her parents are literary critics, her friends don't care, and when she becomes involved in a writing class group project, she is motivated to seek outside contact online with another student from another school.
There's a drawing by Burne-Jones of Thisbe and Philomela, a 15th century illuminated manuscript showing the weaving contest between Arachne and Athena and a fourth century pottery drinking vessel depicting Odysseus and Circe.
Come hear a mother's tragic story and support this fundraiser benefiting the Thisbe and Noah Scott Legacy, promoting research and awareness for the rare and heart wrenching pediatric motor neuron disorders, specifically BVVL.
The onnagatta, or transvestite roles in Kabuki, provided an ideal model for Flute's performance of Thisbe.