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Noun1.Thomas Bowdler - English editor who in 1818 published an expurgated edition of the works of Shakespeare (1754-1825)
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1754: Shakespearean censor Thomas Bowdler was born.
1825: Thomas Bowdler, who took out the "naughty bits" in Shakespeare's work, died.
24 FEB Thomas Bowdler, who removed any naughty words in Shakespeare (below), died went to sleep.
Few editors have ever gained the notoriety of English physician Thomas Bowdler (1754-1825).
Thomas Bowdler, Andrew Clark felt that since the organization had not played the piece in 30 years, with the time and money involved, he removed the 30 minutes.
The term 'bowdlerize' was coined in 1936 to refer to the way Thomas Bowdler censored material he thought unsuitable for women and children in his edition of Shakespeare's works, The Family Shakespeare.
1818 Thomas Bowdler, a member of the English Society for the Suppression of Vice, publishes The Bowdler Family Shakespere, removing all "words and expressions ...