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Noun1.Thomas Crawford - United States neoclassical sculptor (1814-1857)Thomas Crawford - United States neoclassical sculptor (1814-1857)
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Between February 19 and 26 next year, renowned consultant cardiologistProf Thomas Crawford will be performing open heartand pacemaker implantation procedures at our referral facility at a considerate cost for those seeking such services," said Prof Chepkwony.
Chepkwony said Thomas Crawford, a renowned consultant cardiologist from the faculty of medicine at University of Michigan, will perform open heart and pacemaker procedures at the facility from February 19 to 26.
The PS400,000 villa in Glasgow Road where the failed shooting took place is the home of Thomas Crawford, who runs family firm Strathclyde Tree Surgeons.
No-one turned up to claim Oscar after he was taken to a vets, but following an appeal on Facebook, 23-year-old Thomas Crawford from Manchester rang to claim him.
The journal also carries Derrick McClure's obituary for--and fine tribute to--the late and very much lamented Thomas Crawford (1920-2014).
Thomas Crawford, 20, was seen by police, riding the 50cc moped with no helmet and no lights on at 10.
Our sense, though, is that it may be the very popularity of this 'crambo-jingle' that has led 'critic-folk' to 'cock their nose'; with notable exceptions--and it was in Auckland, after all, that Thomas Crawford wrote his sensitive and seminal study of Burns's poetics--Burns's particular poetic significance has been obscured by his reputation as a folk bard.
Thomas Crawford was granted bail after senior doctors failed to provide vital reports.
Among his recordings is a CD as organ soloist and continuo player on "A Baroque Christmas in Germany" with the American Classical Orchestra, under the direction of Thomas Crawford.
They had been witnesses in the trial of Thomas Crawford, accused of slashing Sutheran's neck with a craft knife on June 13, 2003.
Thomas Crawford, an American Sculptor, created the full-size figure of Freedom in clay.