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Noun1.Thomas Edison - United States inventorThomas Edison - United States inventor; inventions included the phonograph and incandescent electric light and the microphone and the Kinetoscope (1847-1931)
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Cheney and Uth write, "Nikola Tesla, immigrant, arrived in New York in 1884 with a letter of introduction to Thomas Edison and very little else." Upon meeting Edison, Tesla recalled in 1919, "When I saw this wonderful man, who had had no training at all, no advantages, and who did it all himself, and saw the great results by virtue of his industry and application--you see, I had studied a dozen languages ...
National Institute on the Assessment of Experiential Learning, Thomas Edison State College and Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, in Trenton, NJ.
Casey's hero is the famous inventor, Thomas Edison. Casey wants to know what Thomas was like as a young boy.
The word itself was put into play--almost as a motto for the show--in a large work (Untitled, 2002) made of black carbon paper bearing a quotation written in chalk in which Thomas Edison declares that none of his inventions were failures, but that among them were ten thousand possibilities that didn't happen to work.
The purpose of this lesson is to familiarize students with life and technology around 1900 so that they can better understand how Thomas Edison and his many inventions influenced both.
IN 1998, EDISON SCHOOLS INC., the country's leading for-profit school management company, took over one of San Francisco's worst schools, coincidentally named Thomas Edison Elementary.
Exhibits going back a bit further include Andrew Carnegie's original den, Cornelius Vanderbilt's family room, the tool shed where Thomas Edison got the idea for the electric light bulb, and the tree house where an eight-year-old John D.
Thomas Edison or Bill Gates, both visionaries, come to mind.
In similar vein, Thomas Misa demonstrates that what "steel" is was socially negotiated, not a fact of nature, while Bernard Carlson argues that Thomas Edison, mired in a nineteenth century "producer's mind set," never quite understood the consumer-oriented entertainment potential of his movies--he never really understood what they "are." Not only artifacts are subject to social construction: both patents (Geof Bowker) and technical expertise (Adri de al Bruheze) are products of social groups pursuing their interests, and possess no independent reality.
Thomas Edison State University has named Dennis Devery, previously vice president for planning and research, as vice president for enrollment management.Thomas Edison State University has named Dennis Devery, previously vice president for planning and research, as vice president for enrollment management.
But Thomas Edison's convincing victory in the Guinness Galway Hurdle for J P McManus and Tony McCoy crowned a memorable 2014 Festival for 'Harvey'.