Thomas Edward Lawrence

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Noun1.Thomas Edward Lawrence - Welsh soldier who from 1916 to 1918 organized the Arab revolt against the TurksThomas Edward Lawrence - Welsh soldier who from 1916 to 1918 organized the Arab revolt against the Turks; he later wrote an account of his adventures (1888-1935)
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LAWRENCE OF ARABIA WAS BORN IN TREMADOG Lawrence of Arabia - real name Thomas Edward Lawrence - was born at what is now Lawrence House in Tremadog, Gwynedd, in 1888.
Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence received a summons to Buckingham Palace.
As a teenager, Thomas Edward Lawrence cycled round France studying castles driven by his obsession with the crusades and chivalry.
The hotel had also hosted English officer Thomas Edward Lawrence, who was known as Lawrence of Arabia, when he arrived to Egypt in December 1914.
His name was Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence. Or T.E.
The Topic: One of the most dashing and memorable characters to emerge from World War I, Thomas Edward Lawrence (famously nicknamed "Lawrence of Arabia" by the epic 1962 film) was a field archaeologist who had traveled extensively through the Ottoman Empire by the time hostilities escalated in 1914.
THOMAS Edward Lawrence could not have had a more unsettled start to life.
Un gran aventurero llamado Thomas Edward Lawrence, afortunado que encontro durante algunos anos su epoca, hace ya casi un siglo, y que quedo en la leyenda como Lawrence de Arabia, dejo este testimonio:
London, December 1 (ANI): Letters penned by Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence have fetched 10,000 pounds at an auction - nearly three times the expected estimate.
Astronaut Pete Conrad and Thomas Edward Lawrence, also known as Lawrence of Arabia, may be considered brothers in a parallel world.