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Noun1.Thomas Jefferson - 3rd President of the United StatesThomas Jefferson - 3rd President of the United States; chief drafter of the Declaration of Independence; made the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and sent out the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore it (1743-1826)
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Thomas Jefferson believed that to preserve the very foundations of our nation we would need dramatic change from time to time.
There was a little discourse about cigars, showing him exactly why the Thomas Jefferson Five-cent Perfecto was the only cigar worthy of the name.
1) Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 6 September 1789, enclosure in Jefferson to Madison, 9 January 1790, in The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, ed.
Thomas Jefferson University will also provide Institutional Review Board (IRB) services for research undertaken through the partnership in supporting needs of clinical trials and other similar initiatives.
In 2016, we began a new partnership to offer exciting challenges to the students of Thomas Jefferson Middle School, said Sarah Ramirtha, BASF Reliability Engineer and member of the African American Employee Group (AAEG) at BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals.
Baldwin Publishing, a healthcare content marketing company, produced the 128-page Healthy American Cookbook for Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals.
In response, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison helped create the Democratic-Republican Party, which argued for a weaker federal government.
George Washington has been the subject of less recent historical redefinition than his contemporaries Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, or his latter-day successors Dwight Eisenhower or Harry Truman.
He correctly noted in his June 11, 1789 letter to Thomas Jefferson that his combination of talent and personal experience uniquely positioned him to record the most important events of our nation's founding for future generations.
Critical Thinking/Discussion: The ideas in the Declaration of Independence were not original with Thomas Jefferson or the other Founding Fathers.
Virginia: Parimalram Achintya Madduri, Thomas Jefferson H.

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