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Noun1.Thomas Kyd - English dramatist (1558-1594)
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In marked contrast to these men is Thomas Kyd, who about the year 1590 attained a meteoric reputation with crude
Acknowledging that "conversation" could function as a sexually charged term in the Renaissance, one that could imply intimate relations between people, opens new possibilities for interpreting the relations between Palamon and Arcite in The Two Noble Kinsmen or Valentine and Proteus in Two Gentleman of Verona, as well as between collaborative authors such as Christopher Marlowe and Thomas Kyd.
But that cock-of-the-walk Will Shakespeare (Christian Borle, who has us in raptures with his romantically flowing locks and overstuffed codpiece) is such a conceited rock star that no other playwright has a chance--not even Thomas Kyd, whose plays Shakespeare brazenly ransacks for plots.
One of the most interesting collaborations Shakespeare had was with Thomas Kyd, who wrote a tragedy called The Spanish Tragedy - a story of revenge that really set the style for revenge tragedies like Hamlet.
In The Tragedy of Soliman and Perseda (1588), Thomas Kyd has stereotyped Soliman with an ungrounded love story in history.
Baines's missive was occasioned by Marlowe's arrest during a post-Armada crackdown on anything resembling heterodox behaviour, and the nature of testimonials made against him (by former roommate Thomas Kyd as well as Baines) suggest that a case was being prepared that would denounce him as a heretic or atheist.
Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Kyd, Thomas Nashe, Ben Jonson, Thomas Middleton, Thomas Dekker, and others all spent time in prison "as a direct or indirect consequence of their writing.
For example, Mulryne, Kyd's editor, writes 'Kyd may be the author of an early version of Hamlet', though Mulryne saw that as resting upon 'widely disputed allusions': Thomas Kyd, The Spanish Tragedy, ed.
But by 1592, almost all of the great English playwrights of the 16th century, including Christopher Marlowe and Thomas Kyd, were dead or had ceased writing for the stage.
It's a fascinating and rare play," says CTC artistic director Terry Hands of the play, which, among others, has been attributed to Shakespeare, Thomas Kyd and Christopher Marlowe .
Hutson convincingly develops another view of the prevalence of suspicion in the drama of George Gascoigne, Thomas Kyd, Shakespeare and Ben Jonson, a view from below, as it were, turning the Foucauldian approach on its head.