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Noun1.Thomas Kyd - English dramatist (1558-1594)
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In marked contrast to these men is Thomas Kyd, who about the year 1590 attained a meteoric reputation with crude
What's more, recent scholars have argued that the three parts of 'Henry VI', as well as 'Titus Andronicus', show the then-young Shakespeare working with more experienced playwrights such as Thomas Kyd, George Peele, and even Christopher Marlowe--an exact contemporary whose plays written before his untimely death seem undeniably better than anything Shakespeare had written at that time.
On this, there is a great deal in Dramatic Geography that is most welcome: the close attention it pays to the memorial, visual, and verbal links among its chosen plays; Publicover's keen eye for literary echoes; and the dexterity with which he moves from lesser-known plays such as Thomas Kyd's Soliman and Perseda to much-examined texts like Marlowe's Jew of Malta.
1593 - Playwright Thomas Kyd's accusations of heresy lead to arrest warrant for Christopher Marlowe.
Could it have been lack of writing time, distaste or even boredom with this re-issued character, or a subtle wish to reflect upon the cruelty of the time, not forgetting the sado-masochistic turn of events in Elizabethan England, where Marlowe was murdered at Deptford and that sublime writer Thomas Kyd was tortured needlessly by Walsingham's secret police into an early demise.
As little is known about some of the plays the entries range in size from the five-line, fifty-five-word descriptions of the mid-seventeenth-century drolls An Equal Match and The Imperick, to the four and a quarter page entry for Thomas Kyd's well-known The Spanish Tragedy.
Acknowledging that "conversation" could function as a sexually charged term in the Renaissance, one that could imply intimate relations between people, opens new possibilities for interpreting the relations between Palamon and Arcite in The Two Noble Kinsmen or Valentine and Proteus in Two Gentleman of Verona, as well as between collaborative authors such as Christopher Marlowe and Thomas Kyd. Such relations blur the distinction between the exchange of intellectual ideas and the exchange of physical pleasures.
"The Storm at Sea" moves historically from Leonardo da Vinci to Thomas Hobbes; it focuses on Shakespeare and English drama, with chapters on Hamlet, Othello, A Winter's Tale, and The Tempest, as well as sustained readings of As You Like It, King Lear, Thomas Kyd's Spanish Tragedy, and Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus.
But that cock-of-the-walk Will Shakespeare (Christian Borle, who has us in raptures with his romantically flowing locks and overstuffed codpiece) is such a conceited rock star that no other playwright has a chance--not even Thomas Kyd, whose plays Shakespeare brazenly ransacks for plots.
Thomas Kyd's Mystery Play: Myth and Ritual in The Spanish Tragedy.
Nearly 400 years after his death, William Shakespeare seems to be adding to his body of work, New research appears to confirm what some scholars have long suspected: that Shakespeare wrote about 325 lines of Thomas Kyd's 16th-century play The Spanish Tragedy.