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Noun1.Thomas Reid - Scottish philosopher of common sense who opposed the ideas of David Hume (1710-1796)Thomas Reid - Scottish philosopher of common sense who opposed the ideas of David Hume (1710-1796)
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The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid tells the story of one man's battle to hold on to his way of life as the State body eyes up his 75-acre farm in Leixlip, Co Kildare.
It once belonged to Henry VIII, but has been in the care of Aberdeen University since 1625, when it was bequeathed to the university's Marischal College by Thomas Reid.
Gary McCrudden, 22, cornered Thomas Reid at the Santander cash machine in the town's High Street and demanded spare change.
When Margaret reconnects with an old friend, Thomas Reid (Barry Flatman), sparks start to fly.
153), based on the common-sense philosophy of Thomas Reid.
First published in 1958, this book relates the life story of Captain Thomas Reid, who operated one of the Great Lakes' largest salvaging companies during the region's shipping disasters of 1880 to 1950.
Thomas Ahnert does not deny the shift in emphasis initiated by the Moderates; but he rightly places that shift within a religious rather than a secular context, suggesting the possibility that Moderates such as William Robertson, Hugh Blair, Adam Ferguson, as well as "Common Sense" philosophers such as Thomas Reid, James Oswald, and even James Beattie, are a good deal more in tune with Christian thinking than they have been said to be.
The connection of Glasgow, communication, and common sense came to my mind as I was contemplating the works of the Scottish philosopher Thomas Reid (1710-1796), the founder of the "School of Common Sense." Reid was the son of a minister, who took a teaching position at King's College, Aberdeen, and eventually succeeded Adam Smith as professor of moral philosophy at Glasgow.
Master's student Danielle VanMensel has been assessing the response of microbiological communities in GI-treated tailings, while master's student Chantal Dings-Avery and doctoral student Thomas Reid have been examining how these materials respond to the field environment.
PCs Nathan Gibbs, Thomas Reid and Rehan Jahan were awarded a Chief Constable's Commendation for their actions after being called to a domestic incident in Coventry.