Thomas Sydenham

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Noun1.Thomas Sydenham - English physician (1624-1689)Thomas Sydenham - English physician (1624-1689)  
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(3.) Thomas Sydenham, Tractatus de Podagra et Hydrope (London: G Kettilby, 1683).
(Do readers need to learn that Leeuwenhoek was the executor of Johannes Veermer's will or that the English physician Thomas Sydenham lived near Robert Boyle's sister, Lady Ranelagh, in London?) David Knight more than competently surveys developments in Italy, France, the Low Countries, and across the continent; still, the narrative vantage point seems solidly centered on England.
In 1676, the English physician Thomas Sydenham simplified Paracelsus' laudanum recipe to just opium in alcohol.
The term Saint Vitus' dance became popular after early epidemiologist Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689) used it in his classic description of acute chorea, "St Vitus dance is a sort of convulsion which attacks boys and girls from the tenth year until they have done growing.