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Noun1.Thomas Wolfe - United States writer who has written extensively on American culture (born in 1931)Thomas Wolfe - United States writer who has written extensively on American culture (born in 1931)
2.Thomas Wolfe - United States writer best known for his autobiographical novels (1900-1938)
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Deas as a result of my involvement in the issuance of the Thomas Wolfe commemorative stamp in 2000.
Thomas Wolfe's Of Time and the River works the strongest magic in producing these dislocations of time and space.
Just over halfway through a book that begins as a minutely documented account of the last twenty-one months of Thomas Wolfe's life, Joanne Marshall Mauldin commits a narrative act that only the boldest--or most foolhardy--of storytellers will attempt: she eliminates her colorful, larger-than-life protagonist.
"The Magical Campus: University of North Carolina Writings 1917-1920" is a compilation of the early writings of acclaimed author Thomas Wolfe. Even the best practitioners of the craft of writing bumbled many an attempt in their young age; these early works are a good sign of what's to come and an optimistic view for young writers to keep trying even if told they're not very good now.
The Four Lost Men: The Previously Unpublished Long Version, by Thomas Wolfe, ed.
Thomas Wolfe's incisive ability to capture people, places, and events draws largely from the wellspring of memory that defined his artistic consciousness.
Windows of the Heart: The Correspondence of Thomas Wolfe and Margaret Roberts collects seventy-five letters exchanged between twentieth-century author Thomas Wolfe and his influential grade-school teacher, Margaret Roberts, whom he called "the mother of my spirit".
Lay Down Your Ear upon the Earth, and Listen: Thomas Wolfe's Greener Modernism, by Robert Taylor Ensign.
The youngest of eight children raised by Julia Elizabeth Westall and William Oliver Wolfe, Thomas Wolfe was born in Asheville, a North Carolina mountain town caught in real estate fever and Yankee materialism.
An earlier version of this essay was presented as an address at the Thirty-Ninth Annual Meeting of the Thomas Wolfe Society, Indianapolis, 19 May 2017 (seventy-nine years to the day since Wolfe presented his Purdue speech).
I also found Ted Mitchell's book Thomas Wolfe: A Writer's Life, and I took that too.