Crab spider

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(Zool.) one of a group of spiders (Laterigradæ); - called because they can run backwards or sideways like a crab.

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Of those spiders that could be identified, members of the families Theridiidae (cobweb weavers) and Thomisidae (crab spiders) were the most common.
Un metodo sencillo para seleccionar puntos de muestreo con el objeto de inventariar taxones hiperdiversos: el caso practico de las familias Araneidae y Thomisidae (Araneae) en la Comunidad de Madrid, Espana.
Spiders included in the families Linyphiidae, Philodromidae, Thomisidae and Salticidae are important predators in the canopy (Ghavami, 2006, Cardenas and Barrientos, 2011).
The majority of specimens belonged to the Theridiidae family with 291 individuals, followed by Thomisidae with 227 and Salticidae with 187.
Regarding abundance, the families with a greatest number of individuals were Lycosidae, Zodariidae, Thomisidae, Theridiidae and Saliticidae; Lycosidae, followed by Theridiidae, had the greatest number of species.
Por otro lado, las familias habitantes de la vegetacion, como Thomisidae y Anyphaenidae, no exhibieron un claro patron relacionado con los regimenes pluviometricos de la RCM (Figura 2).
Besides, ambusher hunters, mainly represented by Thomisidae (67%) were registered solely for this system.
Hann, 1990 (2010) Thomisidae Pherecydes Not specified Dippenaar- tuberculatus Schoeman et al.
Of the potential new species, five were classified in Lycosidae, three in Araneidae, two in Salticidae, two in Thomisidae, and one each in Diguetidae, Sicariidae, and Scytodidae.
Araneae (n = 12 species) was the most abundant Order while Thomisidae was the most recorded Family (n = 4 species) among aranids.
Koch, 1845 Tibellus oblongus + + (Waickenaer, 1802) Thomisidae Bassaniana versicolor + (Keyserling, 1880) Misumena vatia + + (Clerck, 1757) Misumenops asperatus + + (Hentz, 1847) Ozyptila americana + Banks, 1895 Xysticus elegans + + Keyserling, 1880 Xysticus ferox + + (Hentz, 1847) Xysticus fraternus + + + Banks, 1895 Xysticus gulosus + + Keyserling, 1880 Xysticus luctans + + (C.