Thomomys talpoides

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Noun1.Thomomys talpoides - greyish to brown gopher of western and central United StatesThomomys talpoides - greyish to brown gopher of western and central United States
pocket gopher, pouched rat, gopher - burrowing rodent of the family Geomyidae having large external cheek pouches; of Central America and southwestern North America
genus Thomomys, Thomomys - western pocket gophers
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Large-scale irrigation projects on the Columbia Plateau and Snake River Plain, beginning with the Reclamation Enabling Act of 1905, resulted in the conversion of hundreds of thousands of acres of shrub-steppe, a habitat largely avoided by native Red Foxes (Bailey 1936), to irrigated pasture and cropland (especially alfalfa hayfields) that now provide improved habitat for Red Fox prey (Bailey 1931, 1936; Grinnell and others 1937; Aubry 1983, 1984; Perrine 2005) such as Belding's Ground Squirrels (Urocitellus beldingi), Yellow-bellied Marmots (Marmota flaviventris), Montane Voles (Microtus montanus), and Northern Pocket Gophers (Thomomys talpoides), all of which can reach pest levels (Dalquest 1948; Sullins and Verts 1978; Thompson 1979; Verts and Carraway 1998).
Genetic evaluation of the historical distribution of Thomomys bottae and Thomomys talpoides in California.
Population dynamics and bioenergetics of a fossorial herbivore, Thomomys talpoides (Rodentia: Geomyidae), in a spruce-fir sere.
This potential is highlighted by currently unique behaviors of grizzly bears in the Yellowstone ecosystem, such as excavation of food caches made by pocket gophers (Thomomys talpoides); these behaviors are unlike any exhibited by grizzly bears farther north but are representative of behaviors that were probably much more common farther south prior to historic extirpations (Mattson and Merrill, 2002; Mattson, 2004).
Vole 5 Microtus longicaudus Long-tailed vole Microtus montanus Montane vole 43 11 Thomomys talpoides Northern pocket gopher 6 [SIGMA] MNI = 233 21 N of pellets 60 6 Taxonomic name 2001 2009 Sorex vagrans 1 3 Sylvilagus cf.
More specifically, Geomys bursarius is parapatric with Thomomys talpoides, Thomomys bottae, and Cratogeomys castanops; T.
Although in some cases narrow hybrid zones occur, parapatric boundaries without a hybrid zone have been closely mapped in several studies (e.g., Thomomys talpoides complex [Thaeler 1974], Ranidella frogs [Bull 1991], Proechimys rodent s [Garcia 1981], and Sorex shrews [Neet and Hausser 1990]).
Helens volcanic eruption: facilitation by a burrowing rodent, Thomomys talpoides. American Midland Naturalist 114:62-69.
Response of pocket gophers (Thomomys talpoides) to an operational application of synthetic semiochemicals of stoat (Mustela erminea).
94.0 90.2 64.0 65.2 74.2 34.7 Thomomys talpoides 25.4 14.6 21.0 -- -- -- Peromyscus maniculatus 11.9 7.3 2.7 -- -- -- Sciurus spp.