Thompson submachine gun

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Thompson submachine gun

A .45-caliber submachine gun having a wooden stock and a box or drum magazine.

[After John Taliaferro Thompson (1860-1940), American army officer.]
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Thomp′son submachine′ gun`

a.45-caliber automatic weapon designed to be fired from the shoulder or hip.
Also called Tommy gun.
[1920–25; after John T. Thompson (1860–1940), American army officer who aided in its invention]
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Noun1.Thompson submachine gun - a .45-caliber submachine gunThompson submachine gun - a .45-caliber submachine gun  
submachine gun - machine gun that is a portable automatic firearm
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Caption: These American sailors on a Yangtze River gunboat are armed with an M1917 Trench Gun, a BAR, two Thompson Submachine Guns and a Lewis light machine gun.
The Thompson submachine gun is as iconic a firearm as the Model M1911 pistol; U.S.
Ralph was in the thick of it each step of the way, throwing grenades and firing a Thompson submachine gun and an M-l Garand.
While working on a knock-off Thompson submachine gun that used old .45 ACP M3 "grease gun" magazines I was having stove pipe/failure to eject stoppages and a failure to feed separately at various times.
One might reflect here on the photographs of Hemingway gripping an Italian carbine, or un-jamming a rifle for a soldier in Spain, or aiming his Thompson submachine gun off Bimini.
"To be able to fire my Thompson submachine gun out of the same window John Dillinger fired his Thompson out of in the gun battle at Little Bohemia was - you can't put a price on that sort of thing," he says.
First on show is the M1 Thompson submachine gun, which can fire up to 750 rounds per minute.
When it became clear that Ed was not going to invite me to shoot the Gatling, or anything else for that matter, I returned to the lower range in search of a Thompson submachine gun.
This crudely-made device looks--at least to my eyes--as if some guy simply welded a grip and a stock from a Thompson submachine gun to a 5-foot length of steel pipe that was lying in a yard somewhere, and figured out a way to fire it.
(unloaded) (unloaded): Magazine: 32-round detachable box Sights: Front: Blade Rear: Aperture fixed for 100 yards Rate of fire: 550 rpm Bayonet: None THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN Ml928 Caliber: .45 ACP Overall length: 33.75 in.
He nodded grimly to his fellow paratrooper and slowly raised his Thompson submachine gun.