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n.1.(Min.) A fluoride of aluminium, calcium, and sodium occurring with the cryolite of Greenland.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A very similar mineral assemblage has been observed at the nearby Saint-Amable sill, except that at Saint-Amable, the gibbsite and doyleite are also closely associated with thomsenolite, a common alteration product of cryolite (Horvath et al., 1998).
Associated minerals are: cryolite, cryolithionite, pachnolite, weberite, thomsenolite, prosopite, ralstonite, and fluorite.
Minerals identified in the pipe are: cryolite, cryolithionite, elpasolite, pachnolite, prosopite, ralstonite, thomsenolite, weberite and a new mineral with the composition [Na.sub.2]LiAI[F.sub.6] that has been named simmonsite.
Minerals in the younger, secondary stage include: fluorite, pachnolite, prosopite, ralstonite, thomsenolite, and weberite.
Thomsenolite NaCaAl[F.sub.6] [center dot] [H.sub.2]O
The very rare and unusual occurrence of late-stage cryolite, thomsenolite, gibbsite and doyleite in the contact zone is probably analogous to the paragenesis of the hydrothermalite pods.
Masses of colorless cryolite up to 10 cm in diameter are enclosed in cellular aggregates consisting of white to pale beige powdery gibbsite, and drusy crusts and aggregates of colorless thomsenolite crystals.
Associated minerals in addition to gibbsite and thomsenolite are doyleite, pyrrhotite, sphalerite, galena, pyrite and a pale yellow unidentified mineral.
The pocket contained many well-formed microcrystals of chiolite, elpasolite, thomsenolite, pachnolite and ralstonite.
The paragenetic sequence of secondary aluminum fluorides observed in the pocket is: cryolite to elpasolite and chiolite, followed by thomsenolite, pachnolite and finally ralstonite.
Bill Baltzley of the Powhatan Mining Company (Route 5, box 6065, Amelia, VA 23002) reports that additional pods of rare fluoride minerals (pachnolite, chiolite, elpasoite, cryolite, thomsenolite, ralstonite) have been found during 1993 at the Morefield pegmatite, near Amelia.