Thomson's gazelle

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Thom·son's gazelle

A small gazelle (Eudorcas thomsonii) of eastern Africa, having a broad black stripe on each side of the body and long, ridged horns in the male.

[After Joseph Thomson (1858-1895), Scottish geologist and explorer.]

Thom′son's gazelle′

an E African gazelle, Gazella thomsoni.
[1910–15; after Joseph Thomson (1858–95), British explorer, who collected the type specimen]
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Noun1.Thomson's gazelle - East African gazelleThomson's gazelle - East African gazelle; the smallest gazelle
Gazella, genus Gazella - typical gazelles
gazelle - small swift graceful antelope of Africa and Asia having lustrous eyes
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Thomson's gazelle is named after him, not because he discovered it, but because those who did named it in his honour.
In August 2018, a Kenyan scientist based in Germany sounded the alarm over declining wildlife populations in Kenya attributed mainly to human-wildlife conflicts and climate change.Dr Joseph Ogutu, a senior statistician in the Bioinformatics unit of the University of Hohenheim in Germany said the Thomson's gazelle, warthog and oryx among others are under severe threat, and they have declined by more than 70 percent.
In addition to infection among domestic livestock, detection of antibodies in blood samples by H c-ELISA (Biological Diagnostic Supplies Ltd., Ayrshire, UK) (8) showed PPRV seropositivity in all wildlife species and herds sampled across NCA except for Thomson's gazelle, but only 1 animal of this species was sampled (Table 1).
The albino wallaby's joeys are now out of the pouches, after being inside for two months and the Thomson's gazelle have produced four fawns so far, and more are expected.
With more than two million wild animals, half a million Thomson's gazelle, and a quarter of a million zebra, it has the greatest concentration of plains game in Africa.
Early exchanges were marked by Earnshaw drifting offside and young French striker Rudy Gestede fleeing like a Thomson's gazelle startled by a lion at a Serengeti water-hole, but becoming less and less effective as the penalty box approached.
At Lake Nakuru we found white rhinos, millions of pink flamingoes, herons, hyenas, waterbuck, Thomson's gazelle, zebras and more.
Commentary merges cats with the whole of the animal kingdom by picturing their coexistence with the wildebeest, Cape buffalo, Thomson's gazelle, marsh deer, snowshoe hare, and zebra.
Many of the hotel's 1,293 rooms feature balconies that overlook savannas featuring more than 200 mammals and birds, including giraffe, zebra, Thomson's gazelle, ostrich and sacred ibis.
Also giraffe, waterbuck, and Thomson's gazelle showed births spread more evenly through the year.
Do you think the cub will be able to kill the little Thomson's gazelle?