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n. pl.1.(Zool.) A division of cirripeds including those which have six thoracic segments, usually bearing six pairs of cirri. The common barnacles are examples.
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A comparison of five hybrid zones of the weta Hemideina thoracica (Orthoptera: Anostostomatidae): degree of cytogenetic differentiation fails to predict zone width.
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Species Lower Traps Diogmites neoternatus (Bromley) 2 Heteropogon macerinus (Walker) 5 Laphria divisor (Banks) 1 Laphria index McAtee 6 Laphria thoracica Fabricius 1 Leptogaster flavipes Loew 41 Machimus antimachus (Walker) 3 Machimus sp.
Fovea evident, ovoid and slightly depressed; pars thoracica with two fields of small and inconspicuous conical spines.
occidentales Larva Pashonaemi Asado Apoica thoracica Larva Hisi Asado Formicidae Eciton Adulto Koye Crudo burchelli * Coleoptera Curculionidae Rhinchophorus Larva Ou Asado palmarum * Rhinostomus Larva Mati Asado barbirothis Metamazius sp.
1 08-03 Paria thoracica (Melsheimer) 8 06-29 to 08-17 Phyllotreta sp.
Type species: Heteropternis pyrrhoscelis StAl Heteropternis thoracica (Walker)