Thorn hedge

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a hedge of thorn-bearing trees or bushes.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
The pony behaved well, sir, and showed no vice; but at last he just threw up his heels and tipped the young gentleman into the thorn hedge. He wanted me to help him out, but I hope you will excuse me, sir, I did not feel inclined to do so.
I threw one of his varlets into a thorn hedge, and another into a water-butt, and a third landed head-first into a ditch.
Westward, the wiry boughs of the bare thorn hedge which formed the boundary of the field rose against the pale opalescence of the lower sky.
But Tomos was keen to continue and, as the wind began howling, we gained some shelter by the thorn hedge a fewpaces along.
There's a very long straight before Becher's but you know it's coming when the thorn hedge on the left-hand side appears.
I have 600 square yards of land, with 90 yards of thorn hedge and a stream at the bottom that is liable to flash flooding.
Fortunately they have a large garden with a 6ft fence, surrounded by a thorn hedge, and lots of open space nearby where they could exercise the dog.
Now she was left with just a thick thorn hedge at the bottom of the garden.
In one case, a mother was fobbed off after her five-year-old son was chucked into a thorn hedge by other children.
Steve is one of the best dog catchers in the business, and took Pumpkin Choice to slips for the final with his jacket in shreds after an argument with a thick thorn hedge when picking up a Hall runner.
The road was often barred with thorn hedges, which had to be opened.
The land is laid out in 12 paddocks, with thorn hedges and post and rail.