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 (thôrn′tən), William 1759-1828.
American architect of the original design of the US Capitol (1793).


(ˈθɔrn tn)

a city in NE central Colorado. 55,031.
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Noun1.Thornton - American architect (1759-1828)Thornton - American architect (1759-1828)  
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I answer no such irrelevant and insidious questions; though were I to answer all that you could put in the course of an hour, you would never be able to prove that it was not Thornton Lacey--for such it certainly was.
But I told a man mending a hedge that it was Thornton Lacey, and he agreed to it.
And I have two or three ideas also," said Edmund, "and one of them is, that very little of your plan for Thornton Lacey will ever be put in practice.
Another deal proceeded, and Crawford began again about Thornton Lacey.
Bertram," said Miss Crawford, a few minutes afterwards, "you know Henry to be such a capital improver, that you cannot possibly engage in anything of the sort at Thornton Lacey without accepting his help.
Henry Crawford was in the first glow of another scheme about Thornton Lacey; and not being able to catch Edmund's ear, was detailing it to his fair neighbour with a look of considerable earnestness.
John Thornton was whittling the last touches on an axe-handle he had made from a stick of birch.
And then, suddenly, without warning, uttering a cry that was inarticulate and more like the cry of an animal, John Thornton sprang upon the man who wielded the club.
John Thornton stood over Buck, struggling to control himself, too convulsed with rage to speak.
Thornton rapped Hal's knuckles with the axe-handle, knocking the knife to the ground.
As Buck watched them, Thornton knelt beside him and with rough, kindly hands searched for broken bones.
You poor devil," said John Thornton, and Buck licked his hand.