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Noun1.Thornton Wilder - United States writer and dramatist (1897-1975)Thornton Wilder - United States writer and dramatist (1897-1975)
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Following the film, a small panel of industry professionals took to the stage to discuss the film, as well as the work of Hitchcock and writer Thornton Wilder.
Dramatic works by Thornton Wilder, Angela Santillo, David L.
The libretto that Thornton Wilder adapted from his play was eventually translated into German for the opera's premiere in Frankfurt in 1962.
Scenes in which characters spoke directly to audiences would inspire more recent playwrights such as Thornton Wilder and Neil Simon, Roberts said.
Using mostly letters to Thornton Wilder in 1958 (while they were working on their opera), Leonard states that Talma was "not exactly the outdoorsy type" (p.
In his Pulitzer prize winning book, The Bridge of San Luis Rey, Thornton Wilder has the nun reminisce:
It is a mark of the strength and continuing relevance of this Pulitzer Prize-winning 1938 play by Thornton Wilder that technologically-savvy young people in the 21st century can still be affected by its universal themes about what it means to be human.
He met the playwrite Thornton Wilder while at Yale through Wilder's nephew, who was resident faculty at the university, and today Greenwald is treasurer of the Thornton Wilder Society, an organization he helped found.
Questo articolo mette in luce l'importanza che la scoperta del teatro di Thornton Wilder ebbe nell'elaborazione vittoriniana di una poetica narrativa che, da Conversazione in poi, si lascio plasmare sempre di piu dalle riflessioni che lo scrittore siracusano andava conducendo sul contributo rivoluzionario che il teatro avrebbe apportato alla creazione di un linguaggio narrativo fortemente innovativo e alla diffusione di una nuova coscienza politica e culturale.
When Wilder, the younger sister of Thornton Wilder, came into the group in the 1930s (having met Scott at the writers' colony, Yaddo), she soon benefited from the feedback of the others and reciprocated with her own suggestions, especially to Scott.
In her latest effort, Niven sets her sights on playwright (Our Town) and novelist (The Bridge of San Luis Rey) Thornton Wilder.