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Next Nature onely helpt him, for looke thorow This whole Booke, thou shalt find he doth not borrow, One phrase from Greekes, nor Latines imitate, Nor once from vulgar Languages Translate, Nor Plagiari-like from others gleane, Nor begges he from each witty friend a Scene To peece his Acts with, all that he doth write, Is pure his owne, plot, language exquisite.
They include Thorow county with its administrative headquarters at Mading, Malow County at Kieckuon, Thior County at Yomding, Jokou County at Pagak, the current headquarters of the armed opposition (SPLM-IO) under the leadership of Riek Machar.
Hercules, when hee went to unbinde Prometheus, (by whom Humane Nature is represented) sailed the length of the great Ocean, in an Earthen Pot, or Pitcher: Lively describing Christian Resolution; that saileth, in the frail Barke of the Flesh, thorow the Waves of the World.
Thorow pe world, fro pe oryent to pe occydent, My fame ys best knowyn vndyr pe fyrmament
Dar'st thou to look vpon me once agen," he seethes, "were't not for feare of Lawes / I'de stab my Dagger thorow both thy lawes .
Robarts refers in his dedicatory letter to John Jolles in Englands Farewell to Christian the fourth to 'those imployments I had for the Irish affayres' (Englands Farewell to Christian the Fourth, Famous King of Denmarke: With a Relation of Such Shewes & Severall Pastimes Presented to his Majestie, as well at Court the Fifi[h] Day of August last past, as in other places since his Honorable Passage Thorow the Citie of London.
o]ute of the Chambre voydyd the light / And ther wyth come his lady bryght / Alle naked to bedde fast She dyd hye / And to her loue She drawe ryght nye / When naked hir felt Partonope / The Clothes from hym tho ferre Throw he / His lantren he put vp wyth his lyght / Alle naked there had he the syght / Of the fayrest shapen creature / That euer was foordened thorow nature.
84) The waters of Kinghorn, he further noted, were a 'mixed water by the continuall flowing thorow a Metall, from whence it hath contracted a spirituall energie, and a certaine Mercuriall subtile substance' which he identified as tin.
I must "judge," he declared, "as my selfe do stand looking thorow the prospectiue of mine owne imagination.
The fourth is that which is now at this day commonly used and spoken thorow all Spaine, and is called Lengua vulgar, the mother tongue, otherwise Lengua Castellana, or Espanola, the Castilian or Spanish tongue.
The January 1349 entry in one Kibworthian's "omen book" shows dark, hooded figures firing arrows and the inscription "The arrew smites thorow the cloth/That makus many men wel wroth "
those pretty mirrours, which like a crevice in a wall thorow [through] a narrow perspective transmit the species of a vast excellency (Jeremy Taylor, 1613-1667 qtd.