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(Danish ˈtɔːrshaun) or


(Placename) the capital of the Faeroes, a port on the northernmost island. Pop: 17 549 (2004 est)



the capital of the Faeroe Islands, in the N Atlantic. 11,618.
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Noun1.Thorshavn - the administrative center of the Faroe IslandsThorshavn - the administrative center of the Faroe Islands
Faeroe Islands, Faeroes, Faroe Islands, Faroes - a group of 21 volcanic islands in the North Atlantic between Iceland and the Shetland Islands
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Ports of Call: Kirkwall (Orkney), Eskifjordur, Reykjavik, Isafjordur, Akureyri, Heimaey (all Iceland), and Thorshavn (Faroes), Lerwick (Shetland) Baltic Cities & St Petersburg Cruise Departs 5 June 2015 Departs 5 June 2015 This classic 'northern waters' cruise features some fascinating ports of call, including the Danish capital Copenhagen, medieval Tallinn and Tsarist St.
Pilot whale meat can be ordered in restaurants like EoACA[pounds sterling]Marco PoloEoACA[yen] and in the four star hotel EoACA[pounds sterling]HafniaEoACA[yen] and can be openly purchased in the fish market of the capital Thorshavn.
870 participants in the hunt of 108 pilot whales which took place at Thorshavn, (19.
About eleven-thirty, we arrived at the Hotel Borg in Thorshavn, the Faroese capital.
INGI HOJSTED (from B36 Thorshavn, free): the former Arsenal trainee from the Faroe Islands couldn't even get a game in the reserves.
Cuadro 1: Localizacion de estaciones termometricas en islas del Oceano Atlantico Nombreestacion Latitud (N) Longitud (W) Groenlandia Nuuk 64[grados]10[grados]12"N 51[grados]4500 Angmagssalik 65[grados]36'00"N 37[grados]3748 Egedesminde 68[grados]42'00"N 52[grados]4500 Islandia Stykkisholmur 65[grados]04'48"N 22[grados]4348 Islas Faroe Thorshavn 62[grados]1'12"N 6[grados]46'12" Azores Ponta Delgada 37[grados]4200 25[grados]42'00" Madeira Funchal 32[grados]37'48"N 16[grados]54'00" Bahamas Nassau 25[grados]05'00"N 77[grados]28'l2" Barbados Bridgetown 13[grados]02'03"N 59[grados]2'805" Bermudas Saint George 32[grados]22'Ol"N 64[grados]40'48" Nombreestacion Altitud (m) Poblacion No anos serie Actual (Hab) Groenlandia Nuuk 70 13.
But, having spent the summer playing with his home-town club B36 Thorshavn, his contract has expired and he has joined Blues as a free agent.