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(Danish ˈtɔrvalsən)
(Biography) Bertel (ˈbertəl). 1770–1844, Danish neoclassical sculptor


or Thor•wald•sen

(ˈtʊərˌvɑl sən, ˈθɔr-)

Albert Bertal, 1770–1844, Danish sculptor.
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Robert Rix's fascinating discussion of the 'Discovery of Ancient Scandinavian Literature' homes in on Ossian in eighteenth-century Copenhagen, as seen through the artists Abildgaard and Carstens or the circle of writers surrounding Klopstock, who produced Ossian-inspired musical theatre and tragedy, while urging the great Danish sculptor, Thorvaldsen, to turn from classical subjects to the heroes of the North.
En abril de 1958, a proposito de una exposicion en el Museo Thorvaldsen en Copenhague escriben en su catalogo:
And while Mark Twain was happy to satirise the 19th-century fad for climbing mountains he adopted a more serious manner when he saw the Lion Monument, designed by the Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen and carved into a rock in Lucerne to commemorate the Swiss Guards who died in 1792 while protecting the Tuileries from the Parisian mob.
The task is offered as a turnkey and aims to bring together the City Archives, Copenhagen Museum, Thorvaldsen Museum and Art Nikolaj archives, their magazines and relevant bi-functions and public functions in a single building that can ensure a lasting solution for the efficient and economical storage of historical objects and paper records for posterity.
Their bankruptcy also affected the Danish artist Bertel Thorvaldsen, and the firm is mentioned several times in his papers, which are available online at http://brevarkivet.
However, postdischarge stroke patients are at much higher mortality risk than the general population (Bronnum-Hansen, Michael Davidsen, and Thorvaldsen 2001) and there is evidence from trials that control of blood pressure and cholesterol (which are incentivised QOF indicators) significantly reduces risk of subsequent stroke and mortality (Collins et al.
Johan Ludvig Heiberg, Thorvaldsen and the Popularity of Art" (95-116).
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We leave the bus for a short walk to visit the "Lion Monument" a carving in sandstone of a grieving lion leaning on a shield with a Swiss flag Mark Twain once remarked as a tourist himself looking at the monument that it was: "the saddest statute he had ever seen" Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen designed it in memory of Swiss guards who died defending Louis VXI and Marie Antoinette in 1812.
Siempre que el fotografo mostrara suficiente ingenio de prueba y error, los cuadros de Turner, los relieves de Thorvaldsen, el techo de la Capilla Sixtina, el Breviario Grimani, estaban al alcance de la camara.