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Noun1.Nazi Germany - the Nazi dictatorship under Hitler (1933-1945)Nazi Germany - the Nazi dictatorship under Hitler (1933-1945)
Reich - the German state
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By December 1944 it seemed obvious that Adolf Hitler's Thousand Year Reich was about to crumble.
The A'Blitz' persisted until May 1941 and might not have stopped until Britain was pounded into submission had not the megalomania of Adolf Hitler prompted him to invade Russia and re-deploy his air force on a mission that destroyed the Nazi leader's dream of establishing a thousand year Reich.
His players too were on message, musing on the dominating performance we had supposedly just witnessed with such fervour it felt Cardiff had invaded Derby to form a thousand year Reich rather than take three valuable Championship points.
We knew that the enemy planned a Thousand Year Reich.
To their astonishment and relief, Hitler, who had condemned the Olympic Games as "the invention of Jews and Freemasons," informed them that the Games would go on and he became positively lyrical about the prospects of staging the greatest Olympics even He had not suddenly changed his mind about sports in general, or the Olympics in particular; rather, his propaganda minister, Josef Goebbels, had convinced him that the Games, with their ceremony and pageantry, presented a perfect vehicle to flaunt the glories of "the Thousand Year Reich.
What he does claim is that its expertise and custom-made equipment made it possible to greatly accelerate the locating, counting, recording, transporting, and "eliminating" of almost six million Jews and countless non-Jewish "undesirables" in the relatively few years before the Thousand Year Reich went down to total defeat.