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A light box installed on the Rockbund Art Museum's exterior, featuring the neon text one thousand and one nights in Arabic, English, and Chinese (all works 2016), serves as a prelude to Heman Chong's exhibition "Ifs, Ands, or Buts." Prior to entering the museum, the viewer may also notice a disclaimer written on a nearby billboard: the story, ALL NAMES, CHARACTERS AND INCIDENTS PORTRAYED IN THIS EXHIBITION are fictitious.
TATIANA PALI, a principal dancer with Indiana's Ballet Internationale, bid audiences farewell this spring in A Thousand and One Nights. Pali danced the spellbinding maiden Scheherazade, a role which had been especially tailored to her talents, at Indianapolis's Murat Theater.
A Thousand and One Nights, Aliev's two-act rendering, opens with a scene that follows the particulars of Fokine's ballet.