Thousand legs

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Thou´sand legs`

1.(Zool.) A millepid, or galleyworm; - called also thousand-legged worm.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A movement is like a marketing idea with a thousand legs. You don't have to advertise hundreds of times; you just have to say something meaningful on Sunday when people are watching TV.
Basit said that we talk lot about cancer and other disease but do not care about forty thousand legs being amputated every year.
To send a clear message to dithering Silverspoon Cameron, to Faustus Clegg, who sold his political soul for a modicum of power, and to Bland Millipede Miliband, the creature with a thousand legs, all travelling in different directions.
Their name implies a thousand legs, but in fact each body segment has four legs.
Although their name literally means "thousand legs," most millipedes have no more than 300 legs.
One child thought that twelve centipedes should have 2000 legs because when "you go over ten centipedes, you have a thousand legs." For this child, the fact that 12 is greater than 10 by 2 led him to double the 1000 legs to 2000.
The lynch mob that carries out Tom Camp's attack undergoes a similar metamorphosis, seeming "to melt into a great crawling, swaying creature, half reptile, half beast, half dragon, half man, with a thousand legs, and a thousand eyes, and ten thousand gleaming teeth, and with no ear to hear and no heart to pity?
We have seven million people with diabetes and about forty thousand legs are lost annually.

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