Thousand legs

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Thou´sand legs`

1.(Zool.) A millepid, or galleyworm; - called also thousand-legged worm.
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Basit said that we talk lot about cancer and other disease but do not care about forty thousand legs being amputated every year.
To send a clear message to dithering Silverspoon Cameron, to Faustus Clegg, who sold his political soul for a modicum of power, and to Bland Millipede Miliband, the creature with a thousand legs, all travelling in different directions.
Their name implies a thousand legs, but in fact each body segment has four legs.
One child thought that twelve centipedes should have 2000 legs because when "you go over ten centipedes, you have a thousand legs.
The lynch mob that carries out Tom Camp's attack undergoes a similar metamorphosis, seeming "to melt into a great crawling, swaying creature, half reptile, half beast, half dragon, half man, with a thousand legs, and a thousand eyes, and ten thousand gleaming teeth, and with no ear to hear and no heart to pity?

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