Thread herring

(Zool.) the gizzard shad. See under Gizzard.

See also: Thread

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Two weeks after the deployment cobia were caught on the site and divers reported that thread herring, Spanish sardines and other baitfish already were established on the attractors.
Directed fisheries for Atlantic thread herring (and other coastal herrings) in the northern Gulf of Mexico are concentrated along the northwestern coast of Florida where most of the catch is sold as bait or processed into pet food (Finucane and Vaught, 1986).
It's a hunt because you'll Be sight fishing for the cobia, which means first you must find the pods of menhaden, mullet, thread herring or the rays.
The fish that migrate up the beaches and flats have an affinity for smaller live baits like jumbo pilchards or thread herring.
Top local cobia baits include jumbo thread herring or super-sized pinfish, both of which can be readily caught using gold hook rigs.
A lighter outfit with a smaller bait such as a thread herring or finger mullet would be ideal for sailfish.
For yellowtail, you'll want jigheads, oats, chum, and a lot of bait--especially a small strip of bloody fish like thread herring.
Live bait needs to be of the biggest available with jumbo thread herring or massive scaled sardines getting top honors.
Use live baits, such as scaled sardines and thread herring, as chum to lure snook away from tackle-busting structures.
I was employing my usual red grouper rig, a 6-ounce jig with a large, live thread herring on a dropper hook above it.
In July, the tarpon move along the shore seeking pods of thread herring and sardines, and they might be found anywhere.
Fornabio has found the smaller kings will be near the surface chasing Atlantic thread herring (threadfin) during the morning bite.