Thread needle

a game in which children stand in a row, joining hands, and in which the outer one, still holding his neighbor, runs between the others; - called also thread the needle.

See also: Thread

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Thread needle with 24" of blue thread, then hand-sew trim, removing pins as you work.
Nevertheless combined with signs that the Old Lady of Thread needle Street is uncomfortable with the recent decline in sterling, as evidenced in the graph, and rising inflation, suggests a medium-term bottom of around $1.4830.
Felt Heart Mobile: Pencil Parchment paper Scissors Red felt Fiberfill Thread Needle * Trace a heart (any size you like) on parchment paper with a pence * Transfer pattern and cut as many heart shapes as desired out of red felt.
Thread needle with enough dental floss to make a loop that will fit over your head (for necklace) or around your wrist (for bracelet).
The multinational foreign investment groups, business houses and top market leaders include from Aberdeen AM, Ashmore, Axa Framlington, Baillie Gifford, Baring Asset Management, Blackfriars, Blackrock, Charlemagne, Eton Park, Fidelity, Fortis, Genesis investment Management, Goldmans, Henderson/ New Star, Hermitage, Insight Investment, Investec, JP Morgan Asset Management, Jupiter Asset Management Ltd, M & G, Martin Currie, Mondrain, Neptune, Och-Ziff, Pictet, Polunin, SAC, Sarasin, Schroders, Smith & Williamson, Standard Life, Thread needle and others.
VIOLENT Main picture: Demonstrators smash into the RBS Bank in Thread Needle Street, during G20 demonstrations, in central London yesterday.
Besides, when the rabble rousers get bored of chasing men in bowler hats and striped trousers down Thread needle Street, upon whom will they vent their anger next?
A spokesperson for Thread needle said: "The Council's new planning application to relocate the market from its existing location in Digbeth to a temporary position along Bradford Street, Park Street and The Bridge causes us serious concern, both about the timing and the justification behind these proposals.
If the old dear of Thread needle Street catches a chill, I develop pneumonia.
Stephen Thornber, head of global energy research at Thread needle Asset Management, said: "It rose so fast it's got a bubble feel, but bubbles can go on for very sustained periods, and underlying that is an extremely tight fundamental position."
Mercedes Sanchez, Unite regional officer, added: "Sites including Thread needle Street in the City of London will effectively be inoperable."
Thread needle with 2' of blue thread, then hand-sew trim, removing pins as you work.