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When the Reynolds number is 20, we obtain the streamline and three-dimensional graph by use of the MATLAB after 40000 steps of the calculation, as shown in Figures 2 and 3.
The end result is a three-dimensional graph of the box floor (Figure 4).
Therefore, the task may be simplified by plotting the three-dimensional graph of the function [absolute value of y] = [absolute value of f(u + iv)] instead of the four-dimensional graph of the function of complex variable y = f(x).
Whenever a two or three-dimensional graph of a pipe is presented, it should reference a certain coordinate system.
Two-dimensional graphing capability facilitates high levels of interaction, including data tagging, zoom windows, and analysis of data within a selection window; while three-dimensional graph interactions offer surface rotation, slicing, and fourth dimensional shading.
The three-dimensional graph was recast to avoid optical confusion.

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