a.1.Having three ports; specif.: Designating a type of two-cycle internal-combustion engine in which the mixture enters the crank case through a port uncovered by the piston near the end of its stroke.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Comparison of Single-Port Percutaneous Extraperitoneal Repair and Three-Port Mini-Laparoscopic Repair for Pediatric Inguinal Hernia.
Three-port versus four-port laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
A three-port power divider with a power division ratio of 9: 1 was reported, including about nine LC elements in its fabricated sample [9].
Three-port converters have been widely used to interface photovoltaic system, battery and the load (Bajpai & Dash, 2012; Jiang & Fahimi, 2011; Hu, Xiao, Cao, Ji, & Morrow, 2015).
Results: A total of 200 patients who had removal gall bladder laparospically, three-port LC were performed in 117 (58.5%) patients and four-port LC was performed in 83 (41.5%) patient.
'The three-port projects in Davao, Cebu and Manila will form the backbone of the national port network that we intend to build across the archipelago,' Romero said.
In this paper, we first use an S matrix to analyze a simple three-port system, which shows the physical mechanism of combining two coherent powers.
It features reliable galvanic three-port isolation of input, output, and auxiliary power supply, which prevents measurement errors or distortion.
The combination of an R&S ZVA and an R&S ZVAX-TRM enables users in development and production to measure parameters such as compression, noise figure, and group delay even on three-port T/R modules, with only one DUT connection (single-connection device characterization).
: ABSTRACTObjectives: To investigate effects of the limited two-port video assisted thoracic surgery on treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax.Methods: A retrospective analysis of 96 patients with spontaneous pneumothorax who underwent video assisted thoracic surgery was conducted in the present study in which 23 cases underwent the limited two-port video assisted thoracic surgery while 73 cases treated with the standard three-port video assisted thoracic surgery or the standard two-port video assisted thoracic surgery.
The innovative three-port design allows a true steam through SIP (steam-in-place) process, which eliminates dead legs and the need for a laminar flow hood.