a.1.Having three ports; specif.: Designating a type of two-cycle internal-combustion engine in which the mixture enters the crank case through a port uncovered by the piston near the end of its stroke.
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Three-port converters have been widely used to interface photovoltaic system, battery and the load (Bajpai & Dash, 2012; Jiang & Fahimi, 2011; Hu, Xiao, Cao, Ji, & Morrow, 2015).
Results: A total of 200 patients who had removal gall bladder laparospically, three-port LC were performed in 117 (58.
The three-port projects in Davao, Cebu and Manila will form the backbone of the national port network that we intend to build across the archipelago,' Romero said.
The combination of an R&S ZVA and an R&S ZVAX-TRM enables users in development and production to measure parameters such as compression, noise figure, and group delay even on three-port T/R modules, with only one DUT connection (single-connection device characterization).
The project advances Maine~s Three-Port Strategy, a long-term strategy developed in 1978 to concentrate state investments in deep-water port facilities.
The onboard interface is equipped with an integrated three-port switch and facilitates different network topologies such as line, star, or tree structures, without the need for additional external switches.
Each FXS control includes a three-port Ethernet connection for additional FXS modules or local or remote human-machine interface (HMI) modules.
Comprising two and three-port valves that are available in 22 mm and 28 mm sizes, the SBMV22 and SBMV32 models fulfil all domestic central heating requirements and selected commercial applications.
In PS 689 (Apr 10), you pointed out that the three-port gas regulator for the M240B and M240H machine guns is being replaced by a one-port regulator.
The stripline junction circulator is a unique three-port non-reciprocal microwave junction used to connect a single antenna to both a transmitter and a receiver.
a leader in network- access, connectivity, and VoIP solutions, has unveiled their very-low-cost, three-port, managed-VPN router that streamlines DMZ implementation and secure-firewall configuration for enterprise networks.