a.1.Thrice twenty; sixty.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
"Oh, he was only a servant; and he had over-stayed his three-score and ten years by something like twenty years.
He walked with dilated nostrils and clenched hands, all glowing and tingling with the excitement of the combat, and warmed with the thought that he could still, when there was need, take his own part in a street brawl in spite of his three-score and odd years.
"My lady, when our liege lord, the king, at three score years, and my Lord Chandos at three-score and ten, are blithe and ready to lay lance in rest for England's cause, it would ill be-seem me to prate of service done.
The tiny room was shared between Van Horn and Borckman, while the main cabin was occupied by the three-score and odd return boys.
As soon as the Irishman and the old man heard her demand they went out hunting, and before evening they had killed three-score cattle.
We formed a circle under the trees before the door, for there was no one room in the house able to accommodate our three-score persons comfortably, and in a few minutes the imperial family came out bowing and smiling, and stood in our midst.
Mrs Wackles was an excellent but rather vemenous old lady of three-score.
"Ay," continued the old man, in a voice, which betrayed how powerfully his own faculties retained the impression of the spectacle, "I have been a dweller in forests, and in the wilderness for three-score and ten years, and if any can pretend to know the world, or to have seen scary sights, it is myself!
It's the sort of poem Fusco does brilliantly, meshing the mundane details of real-life with outrageous humor, and it's the sort of thing that makes his recent book of poems and essays, "Three-Score,'' such a delicious treat.
Known as the lady who is the heart of the chamber, Jane was surrounded by scores of friends and family - she has seven grandchildren - at a special party organised by husband Richard to mark the three-score years.