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v. t.1.To pass through in the manner of a thread or a needle; to make or find a course through; to thread.
[imp. & p. p. Thridded; p. pr. & vb. n. Thridding.]
Some thrid the mazy ringlets of her hair.
- Pope.
And now he thrids the bramble bush.
- J. R. Drake.
I began
To thrid the musky-circled mazes.
- Tennyson.
2.To make or effect (a way or course) through something; as, to thrid one's way through a wood.
n.1.Thread; continuous line.
I resume the thrid of my discourse.
- Dryden.
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The winner beat Irish-bred mare, Lady Kaviar by one-and-a-half lengths with the mare Queen Anne thrid while bay mare, Al Dallah completed the board.
He was followed by Fahad Abdulkarim Abed (Kashmir) in second place and Lolowa Ali Atat (Farinelli SWB) in thrid.
He said the Punjab government has started dealership registration system through PITB and is in serious discussion with all stakeholders in implementation of Thrid Party Motor Insurance.
Nicholas Walker, 48, breached a sex offences order for the thrid time
Outre la realisation de programmes de logements sociaux locatifs, Temmar s'est attarde , visitant le projet de realisation des 45 unites a Ain Thrid sur la necessite de la poursuite de l'aide au logement rural.
England's Ben Stokes during a nets session at the Kia Oval, London yesterday ahead of the thrid test against South Africa tomorrow
Liversidge and Stocks then claimed the crown with an 74-41 win in the thrid frame.
Having won their first piece of silverware this season by thumping Monaco 4-1 on Saturday, Spanish coach Unai Emery revealed yesterday that the trio would be missing from today's match against the thrid tier outfit.
Scottish whiskey bar, the Caledonia, will open its thrid Manhattan location at 424 Amsterdam Avenue.
We are pleased to present the thrid edition of Children's International Film Festival.
DAILY POLL WILL Andy Murray go on to clinch his thrid Grand Slam title at the Australian Open?