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Noun1.Thrinax - small to medium-sized fan palms
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
Arecaceae, family Arecaceae, family Palmaceae, family Palmae, palm family, Palmaceae, Palmae - chiefly tropical trees and shrubs and vines usually having a tall columnar trunk bearing a crown of very large leaves; coextensive with the order Palmales
broom palm, thatch palm, thatch tree, Thrinax parviflora, silver thatch - small palm of southern Florida and West Indies closely resembling the silvertop palmetto
key palm, silver thatch, silvertop palmetto, Thrinax keyensis, Thrinax microcarpa, Thrinax morrisii - small stocky fan palm of southern Florida and Cuba
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Common tree species in the study area included Brosimum alicastrum, Bursera simaruba, Manilkara zapota, Talisia olivaeformis, Metopium brownei, Caesalpinia gaumeri, Thrinax radiata, Coccothrinax readi and Pseudophoenix sargentu.
The site is also characterized by several species of palm, such as buccaneer (Pseudophoenix sargentii), coconut (Cocos nucifera), sabal (Sabal palmetto), silver top (Coccothrinax argentata) and thatch (Thrinax morrisii).
We captured them on the field station walls, on leaves of chit (Thrinax radiata) and coconut palms (Cocos nucifera), on branches of button mangrove (Conocarpus erectus), and in leaf litter.
La actividad antioxidante de los aceites de palma (Thrinax radiata) y canola (Brassica napus L) fueron evaluadas en cabras (Karami et al., 2013) y se observo que al proporcionar 3% por kg de MS en la dieta, aumento el perfil de acidos grasos en la carne, principalmente del acido omega-3, en tanto que la oxidacion de lipidos bajo en la sangre y en el musculo de los animales.
+ Tennesseellwn formica + (Emerton, 1882) Tenuiphantes + + sabulosus (Keyserling, 1886) Tenuiphantes tenuis + (Blackwall, 1852) Tenuiphantes zebra + + (Emerton, 1882) Walckenaeria + atrotibialis O.P.-Cambridge, 1878 Walckenaeria + auranticeps (Emerton, 1882) Walckenaeria castanea + (Emerton, 1882) Walckenaeria directa + (O.P.-Cambridge, 1874) Walckenaeria exigua + Millidge, 1983 Walckenaeria minuta + (Emerton, 1882) Walckenaeria pallida + (Emerton, 1882) Walckenaeria spiralis + (Emerton, 1882) Walckenaeria thrinax + (Chamberlin et Ivie, 1933) Walckenaeria tumida + (Crosby et Bishop, 1931) Tetragnathidae Leucauge venusta + + (Walckenaer, 1842) Pachygnatha + + + autunmalis Marx, 1884 Tetragnatha laboriosa + + Hentz, 1850 Tetragnatha straminea + + Emerton.
Read (1975) in Thrinax found that anatomical characters of the lamina can be used to distinguish the species, such as the presence of palisade tissue and the shape of guard cells.
The trees are "chechen" (Metopium), figs (Ficus), Plumeria and palms of the genera Thrinax and Sabal that reach 39-49 ft (12-15 m) in height.
There is a small hill on the island covered with several species of trees (Thrinax sp., Cocos nucifera, Swietenia sp., Casuarina equisetifolia, Pentaclethra sp.).
Dietary item Common name Taxonomic classification Leaves Hibiscus Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Guacamayo Andira inermis Fruits Mango Mangifera indica Sea grape Coccoloba uvifera Guacamayo Andira inermis Palm Thrinax Beach almond Terminalia catappa Flowers Hibiscus Hibiscus rosa-sinensis invertebrates Cricket Gryliidae Ant Formicidae Wood roach Polyphagidae Land crab Ocypodidae Vertebrates Black-chested Ctenosaura melanosterna spiny-tailed iguana Green iguana Iguana iguana Allison's anole Anolis allisoni Yucatan vireo Vireo magister Fork-tailed emerald (a) Chlorostilbon canivetti (a) Observed attempted predation.